Franchised Lines

Value Added Connector Assembly

Value Added Connector Assembly

Blind-Mate Bullet Connectors, BJG100, SMP and SMPM RF Adapters and Tooling

Connectors, Relays, Connector Accessories and Heat Product

RF Coaxial Connectors

Commercial and Military Mid-Range Time Delay Relays, Relay Sockets

Mil-Spec Contacts

System Attachments, Junction Modules, Relay Sockets, Terminal Blocks, Rectangular & Circular Connectors, and Cable Assemblies

Connectors, Backshells, and Backshell Accessories

RF Connectors and Components

Terminal Boards and Marker Strips

Mil and Industrial Connectors and Accessories, VA Assembly for 38999 Series IV

Cable Ties and Wiring Accessories

Cable Management, Protection & Identification products

Cable Ties, Terminal Lugs, and Wiring Accessories

Connector Assembly


Fiber Optic Termini for M29504 and ARINC 801 Terminations, Fiber Optic Connector and Cable Solutions

Wire, Cable, and Tubing





RF Connectors


M28876 - Shipboard Fiber 
Optic Connectors & M83522
Military ST Optical Connector, 
Shipboard Fiber Optic Termini 


Lacing Cord

Connector Accessories


GORETM SKYFLEXTM Aerospace Materials

High Performance Specialty
Wire & Cable Products

Die Cut and strip elastomer material, EMI/RFI Windows, board level shields, fabric over foam, RF Absorbers, Fingerstock, form-in-place gaskets, ferrites and thermal materials.

Semi Reigis Coacial Cable & Aracon Braids